The fastest
Customer-Data Collection System

Built by Hospitality experts, for Hospitality Experts. Build a database of new and existing customers to send retargeting, direct marketing material to.

How Does it work?

Super effective, Customer Data Collection system for Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, cafés and Hotels. 

QR Codes 

Your custom QR Code enables your customers, to give away their contact data in return for an incentive. 


Customers willingly give their data for incentives such as

"Scan for a free coffee'" 

"Scan to enter competition"

"Scan for deals" 

Direct Marketing 

With their consent, we then use their data to send direct SMS messages 

every week.

Customer Incentives 

We offer a number of incentive solutions so your customers are more than happy to share their data. 

Enter Competition 

Run Monthly Competitions for your marketing list. Entice customers with

"Scan to enter the competition"...

Happy customer - in with a chance to win! Happy you - As there's more to people to advertise to! 

The Voucher 

Entice your customers with a freebie!

" scan for a free coffee" or " scan for 20% off your meal" This feature gives them a redeemable voucher.. straight to their inbox.

they get the discount, you get the contact.  

Join Mailing List

Join Mailing List... STRAIGHT UP!

Ask your customers to join your marketing list in order to receive offers and deals! Display this as " get deals!" or Become a member " for a higher conversion. 

Now What? 

Once sufficient customer data has been collected. You can then start to