A​ New exciting service that we now offer. The creation of personalized QR Codes for your customers to use. Giving them easy access to menus, reviews, and much more.

Giving your customers a physical portal to access your online media, increases engagement and builds following. It also gives you the opportunity to retarget existing clientele with direct mail campaigns, competitions, and other attractive incentives. 

Looking to bring your digital presence down from the cloud and into your venue? look no further.

So what can I have on my QR code? 
    Giving customers access to online menus not only makes things more practical for the customer experience but also boosts website traffic dramatically. Boosting website traffic then ranks you higher on search engines meaning you are more visible to those who search ‘restaurants near me’ or ‘ restaurants in Exeter'.  (Oh. and... not to mention the money that could be saved on printing and staffing costs )


    Gathering customer data ( email addresses ) so you can invite customers back again with attractive offers, new menus,
    and Exciting events... With emails straight to their inbox.


    Giving the customer an easy access link straight to your business's Trip Advisor page. Making leaving a review so much easier.
    More good reviews = More customers.
    More Traffic to Trip Advisor page = Restaurant is seen more.
    The restaurant is seen more = More customers. 

    Having direct links to your social media pages, giving you more follows and more engagement. Following the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram. the more follows and engagement you receive, the more people that see your posts. Creating an accelerating circle of Social media growth. The more people engaging and seeing your posts. The more people that are tempted to be walking through the doors of your wonderful venue... Be it a Club, Bar, Restaurant, or Hotel.

    Understand your customers better by creating surveys and data collection systems. Ask your customers questions like 'where did you find out about us?' To make it more appealing for customers to fill in, offer an incentive, such as a complimentary coffee or shot :).

    Scene - A group of old friends has just enjoyed the most fantastic evening at your establishment. They want to organise a second visit, what better time to arrange a date, than when they are all together! Let them scan your QR Code and book a table there and then.